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    Specialised Care for Elderly Welfare

    In Turkey, the elderly are respected and revered.

    For this reason, the health and welfare of our elderly is an integral part of our social policy.

    Every effort is being made to improve the elderly not only medically but also socially and psychologically.

    In our country, you can find multidimensional health services that correspond to your needs, happiness, and welfare.

    Together with us, you will witness how pleasant the experience of ageing in Turkey is and you will experience the happiness of experiencing special healthcare services for you.

    Complementary health care refers to a comprehensive health care service offered to the elderly to improve and maintain their physical, mental and cognitive health.


    Alternative health services aim to improve the quality of life of the elderly through daily and weekly examinations and controls. A tourism activity is planned where the elderly can easily access health services and feel safe in this regard. Alternative health services such as bioresonance, slimming and regional slimming, acupuncture, cupping therapy, ozone therapy, medical aesthetic skin care treatments are provided to the elderly.

    Integrative health services aim to improve the quality of life of the elderly not only in terms of physical health, but also by making use of various recreation services with a holistic approach.