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Crown your retirement with a vacation to Turkey!

Elderly Healthy Life offers you a holiday beyond your dreams in Turkiye with living spaces specially designed for you!

By bringing our elderly guests from abroad to Turkey, we offer them long-term holiday opportunities covered by insurance (that can be claimed from your insurance).

Within the framework of the Elderly Healthy Life services led by the Turkish Geriatric Foundation, you can enjoy comfortable and long-term vacations in designated 5-star hotels. In addition to vacations, our guests can also benefit from health services such as physiotherapy and spa facilities. These elderly health focused services open the doors to a healthy and peaceful life as well as a comfortable holiday.





The principle of excellence in service and continuous development constitute our corporate values, the centre of which is the importance of elderly health


Our professionally planned service is prepared by a team of experts who prioritise your health and well-being.


All the services we offer to our guests prior to their arrival to our country are offered in a transparent way through our website, catalogues, and brochures.


The Turkish Geriatrics Foundation, which works to respond to the changing needs of the elderly, designs its work with the principle of sustainability and always continues to improve it.

Elderly Healthy Life aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by helping people focus on a healthy, peaceful, and enjoyable life. Our foundation provides our prospective clients with full support in order to improve their quality of life.
health tourism

Elderly Health Tourism

health tourism

Medical Health Tourism

Types of health tourism

We call travels for treatment purposes as health tourism. However, health tourism is generally examined under three headings.

So, what are the types of health tourism?

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is travelling between countries, mostly for surgical purposes. As the name suggests, medical tourism includes treatments such as eye and dental treatments, radiation therapy, etc.

Thermal Tourism

Thermal water benefits both physical and mental health and has been used since ancient times. It is one of the most important areas of health tourism. Travelling to regain health by making use of natural minerals and hot water resources is defined as thermal tourism.

Elderly Health Tourism

As people age, they experience irreversible changes in their bodies. Health tourism is one of the preferred ways to seek treatment of structural and functional changes in cells, tissues, organs and systems. Travelling for this purpose is regarded as geriatrics and disability tourism.

"We believe that Elderly Healthy Life will open a door for you to rediscover and reinvent your life."

Tourism & Activities

Turkiye’s vision is to inspire those who want to discover its unique natural beauties, nature sports enthusiasts, seniors of all ages, and occupational groups.

While providing the opportunity to discover Turkey’s nature and activities, we try to insure your holiday is a pleasant and peaceful one.

Excellence in Health

Healing Thermal Springs of Turkey

Riches of Culture and History

The Center of Spiritual Journeys


Natural Climate and Landscapes

Delicious Turkish Cuisine

Safe and Pleasant Environment