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Centre of Spiritual Journeys

Turkiye’s cultural heritage adorned with historical richness is accompanied by the spiritual richness of past civilisations.

In Turkey, which hosts the most important temples and religious mosaic of history, you can perform your religious rituals and have the opportunity to see those temples and religious centers closely.

Religious Historical Temples Near Our Centre:

Letoon, located right next to Fethiye; Euromos Zeus Temple in Milas; Temple of Trajan and Didyma Artemis Temple in Aydın; Hierapolis Apollo Temple in Denizli are very close to our centre as the most important temples in the world.

Important Churches Near Our Centre:

The St. Nicholas Church, located within the borders of the Muğla province, maintains its importance as the place where the tomb of St. Nicholas is located.

St. Jean Church, as one of the 7 churches mentioned in the Bible, is located in Selçuk which is also known for the ancient city of Ephesus, accepts visitors throughout the year.

It is possible to easily reach many sacred sites, such as Ayasuluk Castle and Isa Bey Mosque and the Ancient Laodikeia Church.