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    Riches of Culture and History

    Turkiye is a fascinating country with its historical streets, ancient cities, and rich cultural heritage.

    You can take a journey into the depths of a whole culture and discover many ancient cities, temples, museums, and historical riches accompanied by breathtaking views.

    A life intertwined with history where you can trace the past; We are waiting for you on the streets of our country that smell of history for a cultural feast full of special tours and events we have prepared for you.

    Muğla region, one of the richest regions in terms of the presence of ancient cities and historical ruins, is home to many ancient civilisations such as Lycia, Caria and Phrygia.

    Ancient ruins such as Stratonikeia, Kaunos, Knidos, and Letoon offer visitors a journey intertwined with history.

    The Ancient City of Stratonikeia, 7 km west of the city centre of Muğla, is a large ancient city containing ruins from the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

    The ancient city of Kaunos stands out as an archaeological treasure that carries the traces of thousands of years ago to the present day with its fascinating location between the sea and the river at the foot of the historical Kalburlubük Bay, just opposite the town of Dalyan.

    The ancient city of Knidos is one of the important harbour cities of the ancient period, located at the tip of the Datça Peninsula. This historical city, which opened to the turquoise waters of the Aegean, has made important contributions in many fields such as art, astronomy and medicine. The oldest lighthouse from the ancient period and the statue of Aphrodite by the famous Greek sculptor Praxiteles are located here.

    Take the chance to meet the local culture with rock tombs and ancient theatres, Ottoman and Seljuk heritage, traditional Turkish houses and mansions and various cultural festivals.