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About Us

Elderly Healthy Life aims to promote sustainable healthy living habits, with a focus on helping older people spend their old age in a healthy, peaceful and enjoyable way.

This innovative approach offers various supports and practices to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Our Foundation

The Turkish Geriatrics Foundation was founded in 2001 with the aim of establishing hospitals, nursing homes, recreation and rehabilitation centres to provide health assistance to the population aged 65 and over and to ensure that people spend their old age happier. The Foundation has completed its physical preparations by enriching the “advanced age health tourism” movement with quality care, accreditations, and certifications in view of the growing health tourism phenomenon, especially in cooperation with the European Union countries.

With the New Year, it is expected that travels for the elderly health tourism to Turkey will increase every month. As the number of guests hosted increases, elderly health tourism will  start to spread all over the country, starting from the west.

To this end, the Foundation has helped to increase the understanding in society about elderly health and geriatrics carrying out training and awareness-raising activities throughout the country as well as assisting the elderly to gain healthy and beneficial habits of life.


The Foundation has created applied scientific areas by supporting scientific research for the solution of the old age period, which constitutes the third stage of life, and the issues it will bring with it.

The Foundation carries out studies to improve both social and physical health by facilitating the research, opinions and support of academicians who are experts in their fields through symposiums and congresses.


The Turkish Geriatrics Foundation has been active for 22 years in cooperation with the Presidency, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the Ministry of National Education, local governments, the academic community and non-governmental organisations.

The Foundation has organised 12 National Geriatrics Congresses, 3 International Congresses, many symposiums and courses as well as publishing books and journals.


The Turkish Foundation for Geriatrics, which has been trying to protect all kinds of needs of the elderly population by carrying out remedial work for the care and health of the elderly in Turkey and to improve the quality of life of the elderly, is now working to crown the golden ages of life.